Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kojonup Cemetery

Konjonup is located 260km  from Perth. I wanted to visit this place as my great grandmother and great grandfather are buried here. I managed to find the grave after consulting the friendly and helpful staff at the local tourist information centre. 

Konjonup Cemetery

  This is the gravestone of my great grandparents. The inscription reads:
In Loving Memory of George Emery Gare
Beloved Husband of Henrietta
Loved father of Frank, Joan and Dick.
Born 1.9.1880   Died 28.4.1949

Later, when my great grandmother died, my grandfather (Frank Ellis Gare 1918-2003) 
interred her ashes in the same grave and provided the additional inscription (see image). 

The inscription reads:
And his loving wife
Born 11.3.1894   Died 2.9.1990
Together Again.  

I was not able to locate much information on the internet, save for this link to the record of the cemetery under the Kojonup Cemetery Act of 1928.

I like the effect of the spider web on this angel's head and wings.

Someone has given this angel a flag to hold, rather unceremoniously held together with masking tape.

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rand(om) bites said...

Oh hon, how special to find where your great grandparents were buried {{{HUGS}}} x