Friday, January 8, 2010

Albany Cemetery

Albany is located 409 km from Perth. It is famous in the region for being a whaling station. Operations ceased  20th of November 1978.
I learned on our trip here that this site was often the last seen by ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand ArmyCorps) troops as they left for World War I. More information on this can be found on this site. 

Albany Cemetery
I was able to find some information about this cemetry which is included below the image:
 The crack cuts right across the head of this angel.

The current name of the cemetery is the Albany Memorial Park Cemetery . Former names include; Memorial Park Cemetery, Old Albany Cemetery, Middleton Road Cemetery and  Pioneer Cemetery. It is located on Middleton Road in Albany.

"Albany Memorial Park Cemetery, a hillside cemetery reserve of just over 2.5 hectares divided into denominational sections and containing approximately 5,000 graves, has cultural heritage significance for the following reasons:
  • the place is the first consecrated cemetery in Western Australia;
  • the place has a landmark quality on both sides of Middleton Road,which has provided the basis for the development of further recreational developments in the immediate vicinity;
  • the place is the burial ground for many people involved in the European settlement of the region, and of members of families prominent in the early history of Western Australia, particularly those prominent within the Great Southern regions;
  • the place is significant for the number of burials of people from different cultural backgrounds and is representative of the multicultural foundation of the development of the town and region; 
  • the place is valued by the Albany and the Plantagenet regional community as a tangible reminder of the historical development of the town and region. The place is valued through its religious, historical, familial, personal and social associations and contributes to the local community’s sense of place; and,
  • the place is significant as a cultural landscape, a topographically unusual cemetery, and a collection of sepulchral masonry and ironwork" (Source: Heritage Council of Western Australia) 

"The National Trust of Australia (WA) classified the Memorial Park Cemetery in December 2000 and it was placed on the permanent register of the Heritage Council of WA in 2003 and is also included in the Municipal Heritage Inventory of the City of Albany.
The entire Memorial Park Cemetery presents as a fascinating visitor experience – the setting, the landscape, the grave markings and the memorials commemorating the burials of people over one hundred years of the developing community of a port settlement which began in 1826, became a Town and finally a City and major regional centre.

 Unusual item. Perhaps this person was a Doors fan? 
"Peace Frog" being a famous song of theirs. 

All the burials in the cemetery are significant from a social history point of view. Others are important for the materials used or for aesthetic appeal of the tombstones and railings. Many of the interest as servicemen, as mariners or as people of high profile in the life of Albany; most are relevant as ordinary people with no claim to notoriety." (Source: Albany Cemetery Board)

A List of famous people buried at the site is available here.

I have absolutely no idea what this is, however the shapes and 
colours and interesting and provide a stark contrast to the grey of the headstone. 

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Register of Heritage Places - Heritage Council of Western Australia
Albany Cemetery Board


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the yellow abstract ? item on the grave is a wax candle :)

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Thanks for that - are you writing from Albany?