Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perth Cemeteries - revisited and new

I travelled to Perth to see my family in October this year. My Dad kindly took me along to Karrakatta Cemetery after we were foiled at the gates of the East Perth Cemetery (which was only open on Sundays) which we had planned on exploring. I have been to Karrakatta Cemetery  before but it is a huge cemetery and found much to engage us again on this return trip. It is a huge place and there was lots to see. I have included some of the best pictures from this cemetery below and more will go into My Photographic Collection.  I have include a few highlights below. We duly went back on Sunday to visit the East Perth Cemetery and found some interesting headstones and visited the little chapel within.

I have used some references material from "Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography" by Douglas Keister in this blog. Fantastic book.

Ferns - symbols of humility, frankness and sincerity.

Urn - reverential accessory or symbol of the veil between earth and the heavens

Ivy - because it is always green, even in harsh conditions, it is normally associated with immortality and fidelity.  It can also indicate attachment, friendship and undying affection  because it clings for support. The three pointed leaves may also represented the Holy Trinity. 

Hourglass - symbolic of time passing rapidly or as the hourglass can be inverted over and over again, it could suggest the cyclical nature of life and death. 

Folded Acanthus?
Acanthus - the leaves of this plant are thorny and are often used to symbolise the 'prickly' journey from life to death and then to eternal life.

Celtic cross with clover and harp
Clover - symbol of the trinity. Legend says that St Patrick brought back the clover to Ireland to be an enduring symbol of the trinity. The clover, renamed  the shamrock henceforth  became the symbol of Ireland. It is also a symbol of vitality because of its abundant growth.  Harp - source of divine music and associated with heavenly aspirations. Celtic Cross - the four arms can represented the four elements, or the  four provinces of Ireland. The circle joining the four arms is referred to as the 'nimbus'.  IHS - represents Christ's name in the greek alphabet:  Iota, Eta, Sigma

Man and Child

Decaying figure with child

Laid down angel

Mary adored

Stigmata Jesus

Winged soldier

Tiny Mary

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Penrith here I come!!!

Went for an epic journey (it is epic if you live in Inner West Sydney) to Penrith to visit 4 more cemeteries on my list of locations. I was saddened to see one of them in a state of disrepair, gravestones laying all about the place and not much care in sight. This was in Jamistown, the Sir John Jamison Catholic Cemetery at the northern end of Lilac Place.  I did take some shots there and was pleased to see a rather interesting headstone that depicted two angels holding up a crown together. This will be uploaded as soon as I can fix my photography software on my new virtual computer (long story).

The other three produced more interesting results. There are listed below with some small selections.

Other exciting news is that I found a fantastic book that I plan to have by me when entering new posts. It is titled: "Stories in Stone: A Field guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography" by Douglas Keister. Apart from having entries on a huge range of the aforementioned, it also has  fantastic collection of source photographs. I highly recommend it. 

Emu Plains General Cemetery 
Mundy Street, Emu Plains

Brief History

The foundation stone for St Pauls Church was laid in 1847. Situated on a low hill overlooking the plains,
 the cemetery includes some fine stone monuments associated with early families in the area. 
The site was also the location of part of the prison quarters and kitchen garden of the Government 
Farm established here in 1819." (Source: Penrith City Council Library)
An inscription list can be found HERE

I found, amongst other things, a Doc Marten boot on a grave, just one. Just to the side of another, a chicken's egg. Here is a selection of some other pictures from the site. I hope to have them up under My Photographic Collection before the new year (2012!)

Manger Scene

Elaborate Cross

Chicken Egg....

Broken Wing


Penrith General Cemetery 
Cox Avenue, Kingswood

Rose Horse

Girl and Dolphins

Blue Mary

Happy Flower

Horse Heads

In the Aquarium

Boy and Hand

St Mary's General Cemetery
Great Western Highway, St Marys

Free me from my pain

Angel with flowers

Contribution box

Finger detail

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cemeteries in the News!

Am planning to sort out all my New Zealand pictures (from a trip in January) of cemeteries there...but time seems to be hard to find.....Anyway. In the meantime, have found an interesting story on The Atlantic website focussing on a book about American Cemeteries.  The link to the article can be found HERE