Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Prince Henry (Coast) Hospital Cemetery (Little Bay - Botany National Park)

A hospital was established at Little Bay in 1881 after an outbreak of smallpox in the inner suburbs of Sydney. It was established in this location as it was deemed far enough away from the main centre to ensure that the infectious disease would spread. This quarantined site soon became the recipient of all infectious disease cases in Sydney including those suffering from typhoid fever, bubonic plague and leprosy. The cemetery was established soon after to house the patients who succumbed to these diseases.

Over 2000 people were buried in the cemetery. However, many of the headstones have not survived, many are undesc, but each headstone has been fully transcribed if possible, and of course, some of the people who were buried there would never have had a headstone in the first place.

Source: Cape Banks Family History Society Inc


Anonymous said...

Dear cemetery people, I am trying to check details of a grave for Alice Ruby O'connor, died 8/2/1907, of bubonic plague. We have Coast Hopsital Cemetery listed in our Hungerfords Down Under, 2nd ed. 2013, but I am trying to help with finding photographs of headstones and memorials.
Your websites and blogs, have been helpful, but I cannot find the list of headstones, or graves, or photos. can anyone help me please?
thank you, Lesley Abrahams (nee Hungerford) living in Dubbo, NSW

Sylvie Pagna said...

That cross is now broken and on the ground
September 2016

Tam said...

Hello I'm enquiring if a Marjorie Ada Tonks or Short is buried here? Her death occurred in 1978. Any information would be great. Thank you.

Ally Lee said...

I am sorry that I can't give you any names for the persons buried here. I was really interested in the funerary designs and the items placed on the graves. Contact the council in which this cemetery resides, they might help.