Sunday, April 6, 2008

First post...

Well I have decided to gather some information on one of my pet projects and small obsessions...cemetery curiosities. I have been interested in cemeteries and their (above ground) contents for some time, and this has extended to a even more purposeful study of funeral trains associated with cemeteries. To this end I have added some articles about the Mortuary Station, Redfern (Sydney) on Wikipedia and have written an article which I have attached here about the history of the station.
I would like to use this site as a central point for information about funeral rites (especially during Victorian times) and all information relating to cemeteries and their gardens, monuments, sculpture, and other tidbits. I just recently visit Woronora Cemetery in Sutherland and took some pictures - some of which are on the blog. The rest are available at the following link. I particularly wanted to go to this cemetery because it is one of three in NSW that had funeral trains attending them. The other two were Rookwood Cemetery and Sandgate Cemetery. I hope to visit Sandgate Cemetery which is near Newcastle soon.

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