Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bong Bong Presbyterian Cemetery & St Andrews Moss Vale - Bong Bong

Bong Bong Presbyterian Cemetery is located on Church Road, off Argyle Road as you approach Moss Vale from Bowral. The website that provides some information on the site gives the address as  Bong Bong & Church Roads and that it is maintained by St Andrews Presbyterian Church Moss Vale. Here is a map to help you find it! 
According to this site, the church within the cemetery grounds is actually called Christ Church Bong Bong and it was built in 1845 by Charles Throsby. It is one of the oldest buildings in the Southern Highlands ("Christ Church Bong Bong walls contain colours from the past")

Some of the highlights from the cemetery below: (more can be found at my photographic collection in the near future!)

I haven't ever seen an image like this -
a face with wings.

This was taken through an old glass cover laying upon a grave. 
They are often seen on older graves covering:
flower arrangements, hands or small animals.

This detail looks almost like bat wings
Good view of the church pas these three stone crosses.

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